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Anubis Barteri var. Barteri

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Anubias Barteri var. Barteri is a flowering plant that has lush green arrow-shaped foliage. The leaves are thick and dark green

Anubias are loved for their thick rhizome, strong root structure, and durable green leaves. This plant makes a great foreground, midground, or background plant. Either way, it can add a long-lasting splash of rich green color to an aquarium

These plants are amphibious meaning that it will survive either totally or partially submerged underwater. 


Plant Care: Anubus Barteri are easy to care for. It requires simple lighting ranging from low light to higher levels and it’s water parameters are consistent with regular freshwater. 

Fertilization: Fertilization is not necessary

Plant Info:

Scientific Name

Anubis Barteri

Plant Type

Floating Plant 

Plant Size 

Up to 16”

Hardiness Zone


Growing Light 

Moderate sunlight 

Care Level


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