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This beautiful, prolific plant commonly called Fairy moss, Mosquito fern, and duckweed fern. It is a floating fern. It belongs to the family Azollaceae and genus Azolla. It is not very popular among the aquarist but is usually grown and sold as a plant for pools and garden ponds. But it doesn’t mean it cannot be grown in aquariums. It is great for aquariums with a soft flow of water. 


Azolla is a floating fern native to warm regions of the world particularly in the Southeastern United States, South of Argentina and Chile, and also in Canada.

Care Instructions:

  • Temperature: 23° - 113° F
  • Ph: 3.5-10
  • Water hardiness: 0-3°dGH 
  • Lighting: Moderate


Azolla is propagated by cutting the main plant into daughter plants or by fragmentation. into tiny parts. It can also give out runners with a young plant with 2 leaves is present at the end. This little plant grows into a new one and then detaches itself from the parent.


The plant is usually used as a fertilizer because it can store nitrogen in vast amounts thus can remove nitrates from the tank water. It was also reported that it removes exuberance nutrients from the water and provide sanctuary to baby fish in its roots.

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