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Banana Plant

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Aquarium Banana Plant (NYMPHOIDES AQUATICA)


Description:  Banana Plants can be characterized by it's long stems with light to dark green rounded/heart shaped leaves grown from a base of swollen green tubes which resemble a bunch of bananas. These plants are quite popular both because they are easy to care for, and for their distinctively charming look. The banana plant’s tubers pop especially well against a black or dark substrate. They can be left to float or planted into the substrate, but don’t bury the plant’s tubers more than ¼ inch. They prefer calm water. If left to float, they will start to grow white roots that reach down into the substrate, anchoring the plant.

Common name: Banana Plant, Banana Lily, Big Floating Heart

Habitat: Southeast United States 

Care Instructions: 

  • Tank Size: Small- Large tanks 
  • Temperature:  68 – 82 °F
  • pH:  6-7.5
  • Water hardness:   3-6 KH
  • Lighting: Moderate 

Planting Instructions: 

  • Open the lid of the container and take out the plant 
  • Rinse off the tissue culture gel by rinsing it off or soaking the plant with water until the gel dissolves.
  • Divide the large portion of the plant into smaller pieces as desired. 
  • Stick the plants into the soil using pinsettes. 

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