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The name Hornwort also refers to aquatic plants of the genus Ceratophyllum, in the family Ceratophyllaceae 

Hornwort is an extremely easy aquatic plant that can be commonly found floating in lakes and ponds throughout the world.  It is often referred to as Coontail plant due to its growth characteristics resembling that of a raccoon's tail. This floating stem plant is an excellent addition for shrimp and fish breeders.  It grows fast to absorb excess waste and nutrients from the water column while also providing hiding places for fry or shrimplets. 

Common name:   Hornwort, Coontail

Habitat: Having its origin in North America, Hornwort has slowly and steadily spread its wing across all of the continents in the world, except Antarctica.

Care Instructions:

Scientific Name Ceratophyllum demersum
Family Ceratophyllaceae
Care Level Easy
Size Maximum 10 feet (120″/ 304 cm)
Growth Rate Fast
Tank Size 15-Gallons
Lighting Moderate
Water Conditions 59-86° F (15-30° C), 6.0-7.5 pH, 5-15 dGH

Planting Instructions: 

  • Cut open the plastic protective bag and take out the plant.
  • Divide the large portion of the plant into smaller pieces as desired.
  • You can plant it rooted in the substrate or as a floating plant, giving you more freedom when designing the look of your aquarium (This also increases the range of freshwater fish that can benefit from it.)

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