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Java Fern

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Java Fern

  • Submerged plant
  • Provide hiding places for fish

Originally from Southeast Asia, Java Ferns are popular aquarium plants that are relatively easy to grow. They do very well at decorating aquariums and can be kept with a wide range of fish.

Java Ferns require very little special care and can spread quickly in the proper conditions. They are good plants for beginners as a result. The plants usually attach themselves to rocks and driftwood and should not be buried.

Planting Instructions: Simply place the plant at the bottom of the aquarium or attach to a rock or driftwood

Plant Maintenance: Make sure the lighting is not too strong as they may turn brown. The plant should also be prevented from burying its roots into the aquarium substrate.

Fertilization: Fertilizers are optional as the nutrients will be adequate when the water is clean

Plant Info:

Common Name: 

Java Fern

Scientific Name:

Microsorum pteropus

Plant Type

Submerged Plant

Plant Size:

Up to 13.5”

Hardiness Zone:

9 to 11

Growing Light:


Care Level:


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