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Marimo Ball

Posted by Zoila Eimers on

Marimo moss ball is not a plant but a type of rare form of green algae which is similar to a plant. the ball has a lot of names such as Algae Balls, Cladophora Balls, Japanese Moss Balls, and Seaweed balls. It belongs to family Cladophoraceae and scientifically it is called Aegagropila linnaei. It is a type of algae that won’t turn your tank whole green. Marimo is a Japanese language word that means seaweed ball. The ball consists of fully algae fibers growing outward without any center. Generally, Marimo moss ball is a great substitute for aquarium plants. If you are lazy or just afraid of taking care of a plant this might be the best option for you to have in a tank. 


Origin and Habitat

The Marimo moss ball is mostly found near freshwater lakes in Estonia, Scotland, Japan (near Lake Akan), Australia, and Iceland (near Lake Myvatn). there are also certain legends associated with the ball. it is a story about two lovers who were forbidden to be together and to be together they fell in the water and their hearts converted into Marimo moss ball. So, another legend is that the balls can fulfill your heart's craving.


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