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Plant Care — windelov fern

Windelov Fern

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Windelov Fern

Windelov Fern   This delicate-looking fern belongs to Polypodiaceae family and genus Microsporum which contains more than 50 various genera. Windelov fern is one of the most admired specie of this family. Scientifically the plant is called Microsorum pteropus and commonly called Windelov java fern. It is an epiphytic aquarium plant having very fine branches making it the most attractive and alluring aquatic plant. This popular and undemanding fern provides a beautiful aquascape and a grazing area for shrimp and fish. This plant is named after Holger Windelov the founder of Tropica (a famous company of aquatic plants). Origin and Habitat This small fern originates in...

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